Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lazy Labor Day Weekend

WOW! What a weekend this was..Do you ever feel like things couldn't possibly get any crazier than they already are? That if it weren't for bad luck you would have NO luck at all? Well, sit back, get comfortable and let me tell you that you are NOT alone!!!

Friday, went as usual I came to work and couldn't wait for 5pm so that I could get off of work and head to Lamar to see my CENTRAL HINDS COUGARS play some football!! Well Copiah Academy happened to have a free night so my good friends the Mitchells joined my mom and me on our venture to Lamar! ( their dad also happens to be the offensive coach for CHA so they had reasons for wanting to go)..ANY WHO... as we get into Meridian, Camryn and I are in the very back of my moms suburban and I SCREAM "OUUUUCHHHH" something bit me..she starts laughing and says it was a yellow jacket and that it is on my purse!! (for those of you unaware..I am HIGHLY...and LEATHALLY ALLERGIC to YELLOW JACKETS) Well it just so happened that my EPI-PEN was in the purse being held HOSTAGE by the Yellow Jacket that was laughing at the idea of VICTORY over this large human!!! Camryn luckily and not swiftly killed the yellow jacket (HA right back at you) and got my EPI-PEN from my purse but then couldn't follow through with jabbing (yes jabbing is the correct word) into my leg! So little did I know (because my arm was swelling and rashes were forming and chest was tightening) that my MOTHER (aka- SUPER MOM) had pulled over on the side of the highway, dis assembled the middle seat, snatched the EPI-PEN from my grasp and JABBED...JABBED the NEEDLE into my leg...Blood goes everywhere and my heart is now so full of adrenaline that I could actually for a moment hear and see my heart beating through my chest ( a little exaggeration maybe?HA)!!!

We proceeded to mark my swelling and I ended up surviving to tell about it..the football game was amazing and my cougars triumphed over Lamar a whopping 31-14!!!!

Saturday, I had to work at Amy Head and it was a very busy day and ended up be very productive in sales!! After I got off, I had to hurry home to get supper cooked for my Mother in Laws birthday dinner that we needed to be at by 5 and keep in mind I didn't get off until 3:30 and I have at least a 15min drive home from work! ha I ended up needing to run by the grocery store first to get a few items...so instead of taking my purse in I left it in the car and just took in my wallet! I got my items and was out of the store in 10min..I loaded my car and rushed home to start throwing the food together (when I say throwing I am NOT exaggerating this time) I get home...start cooking and go to check my receipt in my wallet..HMMMMMM..wallet is not in my purse..so I must have left it in my car...SHUCKS...NOT IN MY CAR EITHER..I didn't even lock my house cut off my stove..I took off back to Kroger to look for my wallet still sitting in my buggie...PRAISE GOD!!! Everything was still in there..HE IS SO GOOD!!!!!

Sunday ended up be a lazy day, Adam and I got home from church and both slept until 4pm..it felt GREAT!! I got up and cooked supper for some of our friends that we were having over for dinner! I cooked 2 pork tenderloins and some veggies and others brought dessert and salad! We had a great night and theeeeeennnnnn it got CRAZY!!! Our friend Camryn was eating some chocolate icing off the dessert and Adam slammed her hand in it..then next thing I know CAKE is being slung from one end of my house to the other..chocolate falling from the sky (ladies I know this sounds heavenly but trust me..when you have to come back and clorox everything its not so HEAVENLY)..But all in all it was a blast!!!

LABOR DAY- Adam and I slept in..lounged around..did absolutely NOTHING all day and then finished it off with a cook out at our friends the DONALDS!!! They had all been Dove hunting this weekend and so they invited us over for some good eats!!

All in all this weekend had a little bit of every emotion in it..and I can only thank God for it!!! Hope your days have been great!! I am attaching the Pork Tenderloin recipe below!! Try it let me know what you think, and if you have any questions, just ask!!!


Pork Tenderloin

In a small pot mix these items together and then let simmer on stove top until it comes to a small boil then remove from heat and poor over your tenderloins.. this recipe makes enough for 2 tenderloins at medium size!

1 cup Dry Sherry
1 cup Soy sauce ( I use gluten Free)
1/2 cup Honey
1tbsp Dry Mustard
1tbsp Thyme
1 clove of garlic smashed
1tbsp of ginger ( i leave this out sometimes depends on your taste)

Rinse your Tenderloins...Dry them off...baste with olive oi, then season with Tonys and Mrs. Dash origional seasoning all sides then gently poor your liquid seasoning mixture over it.

Pre heat oven to 350..in 15 min intervals remove from oven DON'T TURN...just re baste with juice in baking dish then put back in oven..repeat for 1hour or until your tenderloins are done

*every oven differs in cooking time..so you have to watch it, you should be able to tell when they are done..the center shouldn't be pink!!!


  1. I love reading your post!
    The recipe sounds delicious!! I may have to try it, though it would probably be a better idea if I make Richard try it. I tend to have trouble in the cooking area sometimes. :)
    Glad you survived the killer yellow jacket attack and the cake fight. (By the way, when I first read that, my heart stopped and I thought, all that chocolate on the walls and carpet... oh no!!) haha! Glad it was a good Labor Day weekend!!

  2. Aw! Thanks Girl!! I have to admit..having all that chocolate all over my walls and floor was not so great..but it didn't really mess up anything in the end!!! I am enjoying your blog too!! I think it has to be very exciting to move away and only have each other to rely on!! Happy Blogging!!